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factfile2.4 Storyboarding Scenes


Storyboards illustrate how a director visualises each scene as if viewed through Seagullthe camera lens. They are a valuable guide during production and post-production to keep everyone on track and focused on the same goals.

Your storyboard should specify what is happening in each scene, how each shot will appear, including technical details such as camera position and lighting, as well as indicating dialogue and any other audio or sound effects. This will be an important reference for the crew during the production or shooting of the movie to make sure that no footage or other content is missed out. A storyboard may also contain arrows or written instructions to show direction or movement for the camera operator or actors.

Your storyboard could be a sequence of simple thumbnail sketches or even annotated digital photos taken at the location to explain the narrative or storyline. It may take the form of a grid or a series of separate scene cards. If you can't draw, use model figures, Lego characters, paper cut outs or even stick people: it's not your artistic skill that's being tested here, but your ability to plan and communicate your vision.

storyboardingThe storyboard will help you to organise the timing of the shoot, if you are filming original footage, and also the most logical shooting order of scenes. This is essential as filming may not be chronological. Plan to incorporate a range of basic techniques, angles and shots, as suggested in the 'Video Techniques' information sheet that you considered in Section 1.

Storyboarding allows the director to rearrange the order of events so that they do not have to follow a linear sequence: for example flashbacks are scenes played out of chronological sequence that can increase suspense and add interest to the action. The scenes may be filmed in a different order, but the storyboard will ensure that the director's intentions are realised at the editing or post-production stage.

The storyboard can also be used to pitch or sell a movie project.

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