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Activity2.5 Practice in Storyboarding


Print out the sample storyboard, which shows the opening sequence of a movie called 'Finders Keepers?' based on a Citizenship unit for Year 6 pupils (i.e. 9-11 year olds) - Respect for property. The storyline tells how Kate finds a £20 note by the Thames in London.

Finders keepersThe dilemma posed by the plot is that she doesn't have enough money for a ride on the London Eye herself, so will she hand the money in at the Lost Property Office, or will she spend it on a ticket?

Cut up the storyboard into nine separate shots, which you can rearrange in a different sequence if you wish. Paste them on an A3 sheet and write camera instructions and the audio for each shot under the pictures. Will you have music, ambient sound, a commentary or a mix of all three? When will you fade in or out? How will the story continue?

Draw the next three shots after the sequence illustrated.

pin Finders keepers? - sample storyboard

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