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factfile2.9 Production : 10 Tips for your shoot

If you are filming your own clips, here are 10 tips for your video shoot.

  1. filmcrewKeep to the shot sequence in your storyboard but plan to do the most important shots first.
  2. Allow extra time for unforeseen events and get extra practical help if possible.
  3. Use a tripod to avoid the "Blair Witch" shaky shot syndrome.
  4. Use an external microphone for better quality audio.
  5. Film in good light.
  6. Avoid too much camera movement and only turn the camera in one direction when panning, not from side to side (this is called "hosing", as in watering the garden).
  7. Avoid zooming while filming: stop, zoom in to frame the subject and start recording again.
  8. Shoot extra footage for 'cutaways' and 'noddy' shots
  9. If you don't have an external microphone, put the lens cap on and record additional ambient sound in case of gaps in the soundtrack that need to be plugged later.
  10. Check the weather forecast if shooting outdoors and be prepared for the worst.


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