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factfile3.1 Video editing techniques: montage


The great Soviet film director and writer Sergei Eisenstein, whose silent film Battleship Potemkin (1925) is regarded as a masterpiece of early cinema, described film editing as a montage". Eisenstein sequenced, juxtaposed and overlapped film shots during the editing process, rather like an artist combining separate elements in a paper collage. This achieved what he called a "horizontal montage", which he Potemkinbelieved could be used to manipulate the audience's emotions and create powerful visual metaphors. Eisenstein is known as the "father of montage".

Digital video facilitates such modes of non-linear editing because a "horizontal montage" can be created simply by dragging and dropping video clips and other components like still images onto a timeline.

Adding audio produces what Eisenstein described as a "vertical montage" through the combination of sound and image.


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