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How to3.11 Add audio


Audio is a powerful component of any movie, with an essential part to play in its total impact. Creative audio editing is as important to the final effect as editing the visual elements. The soundtrack for your movie might comprise:

Audio can be edited in MoviePlus to coincide with the visuals on cue. It can also be faded in and out and blended with other audio using the controls on the Audio Track.

The example shows the Timeline for a video of the Carsten Höller installation "Test Site", five giant slides that were sited in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. The movie has two audio tracks: the first is a music track and the other is the sound recorded in sync' with the video. The help sheet explains how to do this.


For creative commons music take a look at CC Mixter or The Free Music Archive. For sound effects you could try FreeSound or Soungle.

What audio are you planning to use? Have you collected all your sound sources and added them to the Media pane to make editing them in simpler? As with text and titles, it is time to go over your storyboard and put your ideas into effect.

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