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How to3.14 Create a movie in a movie


Another impressive technique that you can achieve very simply in Serif MoviePlus is to run one video simultaneously inside another – the main footage forming a type of frame to the background footage, as with a newsreader sitting at a desk while location footage of a news report plays behind. With careful pre-production planning and storyboarding, you could even simulate the newsreader interacting with the on the spot reporter as if in a live broadcast.

By using two video tracks and making one source smaller, or resizing it to fit an exact shape with a Transform Envelope, a book held up in front of a famous London landmark can become a moving postcard of a completely different location, as in the example below.

Find out how to do this with the 'How to make a movie-in-a-movie with MoviePlus' tutorial.

video in video

The tutorial also explains how to apply a mask to a specific region on one track so as to reveal another video source beneath, as illustrated below. One of the tree decorations from the first source reveals footage of skaters on an ice rink to make a moving Christmas card.

video in video baubles

paperclip How to make a movie-in-a-movie with MoviePlus

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