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When deciding what format to choose to share your cinematic masterpiece with an audience, the two most important factors to consider are what device will it be viewed on (widescreen or normal TV, computer, iPod, mobile phone or web page) and how will I share it (on Video CD, DVD, uploaded to YouTube, on a local network)? MoviePlus X3 gives you a wide choice.

CD or InternetFor others to be able to view your movie you have to export it in a standard distributable format. The most practical choice for any course assessment is to export it for viewing on a computer, either via your school website, or on a CD or DVD.

Via the Internet

Raw video is too large to view or download within a reasonable time, so you need to compress your movie when you export it to a website.

You can do this in three ways: by selecting a smaller viewing size e.g. 640 x 480 pixels; by using video compression (called a codec) which is built into the Export feature in MoviePlus, or by exporting as a different file format. The MPEG-4 format gives a good balance between size and quality.

Via CD or DVD

MoviePlus allows you to export your project directly to disc to play the movie on a TV, PC or any DVD device. It also enables you to create a navigable menu for the disc that you can design and customise using a basic template.

Better quality is possible when exporting for this type of delivery because compression is not as great an issue as with the internet. However, remember that you will need to keep a copy of the editable file for yourself, as you may need to make adjustments.

This is a milestone opportunity to get critical feedback from others, including representatives of your
target audience and your ICT teacher, in order to fine-tune your movie before making the final cut. The 'How to export video in MoviePlus' tutorial gives more detailed guidance on exporting video in different formats.

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