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assignment3.18 Model Assignment: Task 3

Create a video clip

What you must do:

This task will take several lessons, so be sure to leave enough time to do it well. Read the assignment brief again carefully before you begin.

  1. Before you start to create your movie clip, update your storyboard to show how you plan to edit the video. Save the storyboard again as evidence.
  2. Transfer the footage for your  video and all the other assets you will need like still images and audio to your Assets folders (images, audio and video_sources) .
  3. Open MoviePlus and choose to start a new project. Name your project with the working title of your movie e.g. leaving_home and save it to the editable_files subfolder of your Video_clip folder. It will be saved as an editable MoviePlus document (.mpp). Be careful not to move any of the clips and other assets that you use because the links that MoviePlus creates automatically to your sources will be broken if you do. Use the help sheet to guide you.
  4. video cameraMake a rough cut - Edit the clip sequence and add other assets you need, such as still images or cutaway footage, to the Timeline.
  5. Trim and split your clips -Preview the raw clips you have sequenced on the Timeline and trim and split where necessary to discard unwanted footage and to tighten up the action. Save and preview your work frequently. Use the help sheet to guide you. Keep an eye on the total running time: will you need to add more footage or radically edit out to meet the 30-second minimum specification?
  6. Add transitions and effects - Preview the footage you have already sequenced and trimmed. Identify at least one point where it would be appropriate to add a transition between clips other than a simple cut and select and add a suitable preset transition. Finally, select one effect that would fit the style and message of your movie. Apply it to an appropriate sequence. Save your work.
  7. Add titles and credits - Preview the footage you have already edited. Add a title sequence and end credits if appropriate to your movie. Use the help sheet to guide you. If you have chosen to create an advert or promotional video, you could add a slogan or tagline, major sales features and product information as text. A music video could have some key phrases from the lyrics overlaid onto the images, as well as the album or track title and artist(s). Save your work.
  8. Add audio - Preview the footage you have already edited. Insert additional Audio Tracks if needed for music, sound effects, or voiceover and drag the new audio files to the Timeline. Preview audio tracks simultaneously and then adjust the volume, and fade in and fade out the mix to match your purpose and the final effect. Use the help sheet to guide you. Save your work.
  9. Export your movie - Read the assignment specification before previewing your movie, making sure that you have done everything you were asked to do. Check that your clip is at least 30 seconds long. Export your movie in the format that best suits your purpose. Use the help sheet to guide you.
  10.  Preview your video on different computers to make sure it works! You could try exporting it in several different formats or at different compression rates to compare results. Use the video formats guide to help you. Save all versions of your exported video to the export_files subfolder of your video_clip folder.

Helpsheets and video guides for most of these stages can be found in the resources section.

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