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Curriculum mapping3.19 Curriculum Mapping


B064 - Creative Use of ICT - Controlled Assessment                                                                       

2.4.3 Development        


Subject Content

3.2.5 Word processing, dtp, web design and other presentation software       

Unit 2 Controlled Assessment : Assignment : Applying ICT

Design, Implementation      


Edexcel Unit 2 – Using Digital Tools

Topic 3 – Digital Publishing

2.3.2 Prepare and organise different types of digital content
2.3.3 Develop digital products which are fit for purpose and audience.   

Topic 5 – Working efficiently and safely

2.5.1 Manage files          
2.5.2 Manage themselves and their work            

Edexcel Unit 4 – Creating Digital Products

Topic 4 - Development

4.4.1 Implement a design            

Topic 8 - Working Efficiently and Safely

4.8.1 Manage Files
4.8.2 Manage themselves and their work

OCR Cambridge Nationals

R007 : Create Dynamic Products Using Sound and Vision

LO2 : Be able to create dynamic products

OCR National Certificate in Information Technology

Unit 23 : Creating Video

AO3: Create a video clip

Video editing techniques eg:

Key stage 3 programme of study for ICT

Developing ideas
2.2a select and use ICT tools and techniques appropriately, safely and efficiently
2.2e use ICT to make things happen by planning, testing and modifying a sequence of instructions, recognising where a group of instructions needs repeating, and automating frequently used processes by constructing efficient procedures that are fit for purpose
2.2f bring together, draft and refine information, including through the combination of text, sound and image

Communicating information
2.3a use a range of ICT tools to present information in forms that are fit for purpose, meet audience needs and suit the content
2.3c use technical terms appropriately and correctly

Range and content
3a use of a range of information, with different characteristics, structures and purposes, and evaluation of how it matches
requirements and its fitness for purpose
3d developing an understanding of the need to:
– manage information organisation, storage and access to secure content and enable efficient retrieval

The Framework for ICT

Communicating information
3.2 Refining and presenting information

3.3 Communicating

Functional skills

Level 1 functional skill standard

Use ICT systems

Develop, present and communicate information

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