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How to3.6 Trim and split clips


The next stage in the editing process is to trim your chosen clips in order to discard unwanted footage. You can also split clips if you only want to use sections of the footage, or if you want to insert cutaway shots, still images or other visuals like animations into the middle of a clip.

trim iconMoviePlus has a separate dialog window to make trimming easier and more accurate. Simply select the clip you want to edit - either on the Timeline, on the Storyboard or on the Media Pane - and then click on the Trim icon to bring up the dialog.

trim clips

trim clipsHover your mouse cursor over the left edge of the clip. When it changes to the Trim Start cursor, drag the edge inwards using the Preview window to locate the new start point. Release the mouse button to set the trim point.

Alternatively, you could drag the time indicator in the Trim dialog to the new start point and
click on the Set In Point button.

To trim the end of a clip, drag the right edge of the clip in and release the mouse at the new
end point, or use the time indicator to find it, and click the Set Out Point button.

Splitting clips can only be done in Timeline mode. Position the time indicator at the point
where you want to make the split, and then click the Split button on the Timeline. You can
perform multiple splits to create separate sections of your source clip for deletion.

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