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How To3.7 Add transitions and effects


Whenever one clip ends and another starts, a transition takes place, just like when changing from one slide to another in a PowerPoint presentation. The simplest form of transition is a cut – where the end of one clip is immediately followed by the start of the next. This is the most neutral and frequently used type of transition. Cuts are to be particularly recommended for music videos, where the visuals should change on the beat, as well as for action sequences, where the cut should come just before the action. However, there are some occasions when film convention calls for a more elaborate transition: for example, to indicate the passage of time, to introduce a change of location, or to suggest a flashback or dream sequence.


When you add multiple clips to the timeline or storyboard MoviePlus places a default one-second cross fade between them. You can edit its duration or replace it with one from a range of styles in the Transitions Gallery, such as Clock Wipe or Zoom & Spin.

In the example below, the middle frame shows a simple cross-fade transition where the first frame dissolves into the third one to convey an impression of time passing. The movie records a performance by American artist Chris Burden called "The Flying Steamroller".

flying steamroller


MoviePlus also has a variety of preset effects for clips, which will enhance the mood or help your movie achieve a stylistic feature from a particular genre of movie that you might want to reference or parody e.g. applying a Greyscale effect will make it seem like an old fashioned black and white film, as in the example; adding a blur can give a dizzy POV (point of view) shot if the main character has been hurt - or lost their glasses!

the street
The Street was an atmospheric homage to
film noir directed by a sixth form student,
Adam Longmore.

You can roll over the effect thumbnail with your mouse for an animated preview.Drag your chosen effect onto the selected video source. Effects can also be combined.

NOTE In the case of both transitions and effects, 'less is more'. In other words, don't overdo their use.

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