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3. Create Video Clips

Now that you have planned your video, it's time to film the different scenes that will make up your film and edit them together using video editing software such as Serif MoviePlus.

In this section you will learn some of the tips and tricks used to create a finished movie.

  1. videocameraVideo editing techniques : montage
  2. About Serif MoviePlus
  3. Making a rough cut
  4. How to edit clips in MoviePlus
  5. How to sequence and preview
  6. How to trim and split clips
  7. How to add transitions and effects
  8. MoviePlus transitions and effects
  9. When to use transitions and effects
  10. How to add titles and other text
  11. Add audio
  12. How to use chroma key or green screening
  13. Chroma key examples
  14. How to create a movie in a movie
  15. Exporting your Movie
  16. Skills
  17. Resources
  18. Model assignment
  19. Curriculum mapping


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