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introduction4.1 Testing and evaluating the rough cut

Waking up againBefore releasing your video clip to a wider audience, the final stage of the project is to test and evaluate your rough cut and to get critical feedback from fellow students, your teacher and, most importantly, from members of the target audience. This will allow you to trouble-shoot any technical problems, to fine-tune editing decisions and to make improvements in response to constructive comments and criticism before exporting the final cut.

Many problems will have been ironed out during post-production, but now you need to step back and take a long, detached look at your creative handiwork.

Ask yourself:

In Section 1 you reviewed several types of video, taking into account the typical features, conventions and techniques of different genres. Were you a tough commentator? Now is the time to apply those same rigorous principles to your own work and to face the critics. Can you take constructive criticism as well as you can give it?

There is still time to make improvements - and the good news is that any changes you make in response to feedback will gain you better marks.

waking up again scenes
Stills from "Waking up again and again", a film by Year 11 pupils Adam Longmore and Marcelo Bayas, made with Serif MoviePlus. You can view and download this film here.

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