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factfile4.2 Key aspects of your evaluation


The key aspects to consider when evaluating your video are:

Message - What is the purpose of your video? Can viewers identify the message easily? How suitable is the video for its purpose? Give examples to support your opinion.

Audience - Is your video suitable for its target audience? How does it cater for them? Give examples of appropriate features you included e.g. language, characters, storyline? Quote examples of audience feedback to support your opinion.

Planning - how well did you follow your initial proposal and storyboard? Did you deviate from your plan? Was your planning effective? Explain why or why not.

evaluationContent - have you included everything the assignment brief asked for? Is the storyline clear and appropriate? Is the style convincing? What is the overall effect? Is the film language used effective? Are the components you used of a good quality and smoothly edited together? Give examples to support your evaluation.

Running time - How long is your video clip? Is it shorter or longer than the minimum 30- seconds required by OCR?

Scene timings - Does the pace of the edit suit the mood of the piece and the type of action? Does it keep the viewer interested? Are some scenes too long, in a confusing sequence or badly cut? Give examples to support your opinions.

Transitions - Are transitions used appropriately to indicate a change of time or place? Are they overused? Do they have impact when appropriate, but blend seamlessly from one shot to another otherwise. Give examples to support your opinions.

Effects - Are they gimmicky and overdone? Are they kept to a minimum and applied appropriately for impact e.g. to imitate a specific genre of video? Summarise your use of effects with examples of how they suit the purpose and audience.

Audio - Is a variety of sound used? Is all dialogue audible? Does the audio add to the atmosphere or help the storyline? Do video and audio match well? How effective is the soundtrack in relation to purpose and audience? Support your opinion with examples or feedback from reviewers.

Text - Is titling clear and suitable? Could reviewers read it easily?

File format - will the clip play smoothly on different computers and in different media players? Is the file size appropriate for the intended context e.g. a website or CD? Support your opinion with facts from tests you may have carried out.

Improvements - can you suggest at least one change that you would make for the final cut? Explain why and how it would improve your video clip.

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