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activity4.5 Evaluate your video clip


Write an evaluation of your finished movie that covers all the points listed in the Key aspects fact file, including at least one suggestion for improvement. Use the results of your technical tests and reviewer feedback to evidence or support the opinions you give about your video clip.

waking up again

Stills from "Waking up again and again", a film by Year 11 pupils Adam Longmore and Marcelo Bayas, made with Serif MoviePlus.

Also look back and evaluate your own performance on this task. This way you can identify areas for improvement, as well as the things that you did very well. Consider the performance criteria for a task. What was expected of you? How well did you meet these criteria?

Divide your self-evaluation into several sections:

Strengths - What did you do well?

Weaknesses - What could you have done better?

Improvements - How will you do things better if you were to work on a similar project next time?

telly View and Download this video here.

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