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assignmentModel Assignment : Task 2

Design a video clip

What you must do

1. Read the Best Newcomer Video Award scenario through again.

2. Complete a Video concept map to focus your ideas. Save it to your design folder as evidence.

3. Write a brief proposal and treatment for your planned video:

You can use the Video proposal’ template to help you structure your proposal. Save it to your design folder.

4. Create a storyboard for your video to visualise all the scenes. Save it to your design folder if created electronically.

Print copies of your storyboard to share with your production team if you are shooting any original footage so that they know exactly what you expect of them.

The storyboard will also help you when editing, particularly when sequencing clips on the timeline. In Task 3 you will add appropriate frame information about titles (e.g. the movie title or end credits, subtitles or any other text you want to use), any transitions you plan to use between frames, or special effects you might apply to a scene.

pin Video concept map - template

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