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activity1.12 Anatomy of a Page


Carefully dissecting the anatomy of different pages in a single publication is the best way to find inspiration for your own design because it will demonstrate, as with the examples above, how much variety can be achieved within a simple base grid.

To do this yourself, take one of the magazines you considered in the Headliners activity and with a sheet of tracing paper, pencil and ruler, mark up the grid underpinning one of the inside pages that has a mix of image and text. Find another page that uses the same grid in a different way and mark it up on a second piece of tracing paper.

Sketch both versions of the grid in your process book with annotated comments like the ones you saw on the 'make' magazine layout reference sheet. Would a similar grid be suitable to adapt for your own publication? You may want to add a reference to this in your Document research log.

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