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Some exam specifications may only require sketches (such as page maps) for two pages of your document for pass grades (the front cover and an inside page), but for higher grades and to ensure variety in your overall design, make rough thumbnail sketches (also called 'comps') in your process book of all the page layouts. In the same way that a storyboard is an essential guide for film and video directors, sketching out a document map really will help give variety to your design and avoid confusion when you are working on it at the layout stages.

If your publication is going to be A5 size printed on A4 paper with centre staples, it is also a good idea to make a dummy - in other words a miniature mock up of the publication - by cutting out and assembling the 'comps' and fastening them together. This is a particularly good way of making sure that the right content goes on the right page. A4 publications printed on folded A3 paper are just as confusing and a dummy will help here too.

A4 publications with a side binding or prepared as single pages are simpler because the pages are consecutive, but a page map will help you balance facing pages and lay out double-page spreads. Serif PagePlus has a Facing pages feature that will help you visualise this too. Some printers prefer clients to submit single page layouts and they arrange the double-page spreads themselves.

Add your chosen grid format (or formats) lightly in blue pencil before sketching in the placement of text and illustration.

The diagram illustrates how the pages are arranged for a folded double-sided A5 document: the front sides of the pages (shown in white) are paired with their reverse sides shown in blue). Sixteen sides of A5 copy can be printed on four A4 sheets. How many A3 sheets would be needed for an eight-sided A4 size publication?*

Page Layouts

Page layouts for the example publication, created with Serif PagePlus DTP software. View a larger version on the Klick layout information sheet.

pin Klick layout information sheet

*Answer: Only two A3 sheets would be required to publish an eight-sided A4 magazine or newsletter.

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