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factfile1.5 Folders - Virtual and Real


When starting any new digital project, it is essential to set up a logical folder structure to store all your electronic files, including your project plan and timescales, your reviews, text sources, graphics, editable DTP files and finished work. Managing files efficiently improves workflow because it helps you locate exactly what you want when you need it, so saving time. You should agree file-naming protocols with your ICT teacher and keep to them.


You must also make regular back up copies of your electronic work. Talk to your teacher about the best way to do this because every networked organization like a school, college or commercial company has to follow clear protocols about file saving and backup to protect against viruses and other attacks. You may be allowed to save regular copies of your work to a memory stick or CD/DVD. Failing to make regular backups can have disastrous consequences.

However, since the final outcomes for this unit will be printed, in addition to an electronic folder tree for DTP files and digital resources, you may also find it helpful to use an A4 card or plastic envelope folder as a DTP portfolio for hard copies. Like a professional designer you may also want to use a process book (any book with blank pages like a sketchbook would be ideal) to document your ideas and paste up sketches, notes and inspiring examples from published print sources. But you could store them as loose pages in the envelope folder if you prefer.

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