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activity1.9 Headliners


In small groups, select two or three contrasting publications from the communal class collection and discuss the impact and message of their titles.


Find the names of the organizations that published them and try to identify their typical audience or readership. Consider whether they have elements that would be suitable for you to adapt for your own publications, or design features that you would definitely avoid, and explain why.

Draw, photocopy or cut out the mastheads (or title headings) of three of your selected documents and paste them into your process book. Label them with your comments on their use of colour, type (font style), size and the name itself. How might the style of the mastheads influence your own design?


Sketch other elements that you might want to use yourself and note down what you like about them. Also note one or two features that you feel don't work and add a comment to explain why.

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