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How To2.3 Create styles in Serif PagePlus


It's a good idea to establish the main text formatting for your publication early in the design process. PagePlus facilitates this by letting you define your own text styles that can be applied to any type of text such as headings, artistic text, frame text. A text style is a set of character or paragraph attributes saved as a group that can then be applied from the Text Styles Palette (see 2 on the screenshot below) consistently all through a publication simply by clicking your mouse.

create styles

Before you create the text styles that you are required to use in any assignment publications, follow the How to create styles tutorial to get started with the Serif PagePlus interface. You will practise the simple steps you will need to take in order to set customised styles throughout your document. The tutorial gives a key to program features numbered on the screenshot. The tutorial also shows you how to set up your page size and format and how to specify the number of pages you require for your document.

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