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Introduction3.1 Winning with Grids


flagClear visual structures will convey the message of your publication and give it impact. The most professional approach to creating document layouts is to start with a grid. Before the advent of desktop publishing, setters traditionally laid type out on vertical paper strips that were pasted onto card sheets in a grid format.

Grid structures are vital to the success of document design, providing continuity for reader and designer alike, as you discovered in section 1 when researching different publications and when sketching out your own first ideas. Look back now over the sketches and tracings you made for the Anatomy of a page activity and re-examine any designs you have sketched out for any assignment publications.

In the following activities and tutorials you will learn how to use the Page Setup dialog, layout guides and rulers in Serif PagePlus to set the margins, columns and gutters that create the underlying structure of your preferred document design. You will then be able to make text frames and add and position both graphics and text in your document.

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