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Introduction5.1 From screen to paper


As you will have discovered through the activities in the previous sections, desktop publishing has given new levels of control to graphic designers and layout artists.

But, although your document may look amazing on screen, there are many pitfalls between how it previews on the monitor and its final published format. This section will help you prepare your document for the last stage in the process – printing – so that it works just as well on paper as it does on your computer. PagePlus has features that simplify the steps you need to take to output your document successfully.

Of the many types of print processes that are commonplace today most people are familiar with the inkjet printer wired to their PC, or the laser printer and photocopier at work or college; although you may also have experimented with screen-printing t-shirts in art classes.

Few students will have direct experience of commercial print processes at this stage. The following activities will help you review and evaluate your publication and prepare it for printing.


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