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The greater the accuracy of your publication, the higher the marks you will get for any assignment. Follow the three main stages of proofing the document that follow and make any necessary changes to improve the final copy.

hand1. Spelling and grammar

Have you spell-checked your finished document yet? There's nothing worse than finding that the typo' you missed is reproduced in hundreds of copies.

Before going any further you should check through the completed document again on screen with your DTP software's spell-checker and grammar checker turned on. You should do this even if you made corrections as you inputted text.

Use the text composition tools from the Tools menu in PagePlus to proof your fanzine (word count, spell-checking, thesaurus, and proof reader) even if you also used Auto-Correct and Underline spelling mistakes as you type proofing options as you worked.

Is the document set to UK English or US English? It will make a big difference!

Finally, to be 100% sure that no glaring grammar or spelling errors have slipped through, print out a draft copy and ask a trusted person with impeccable grammar and spelling to proofread your masterpiece on paper. It's often easier to spot mistakes on hard copy than on screen. Again, make any corrections and save your final copy.

highlighter2. Print Preview

3. Proof Hard Copy

Follow this up by doing a second visual check with a printed copy of your document, asking the same questions. Go back to your electronic copy and make any necessary corrections. Save the changes.

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