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activity1.10 Poster Design


Visit the Milton Glaser poster site and click on any of the thumbnail images of his famous designs to open a larger version and to find some information about the context and purpose of that particular poster.

Milton Glaser Posters

Select a favourite and save it, making a note of the URL and other reference details in your sources log.

Insert the picture into a Word document and use text boxes and arrows to label the key elements and number the visual hierarchy, as in the "Images of Labor" example. Include the graphic, main heading (display type), subhead, and body text (copy).

Unequal scaling, with either the picture or the heading dominating, has greater visual impact - which dominates in your chosen poster?

The picture is certainly the main element in the "Images of Labor" poster. Why do you think the design you chose is successful?

If other students have chosen the same poster, group together and compare ideas. Each different poster group could nominate a person to present their ideas to the rest of the class using an interactive whiteboard or data projector connected to the internet to display the poster.

Save your labelled poster to your research folder or your process book.

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