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activity1.13 Digital Image Bank


image sourcesIn the same way as you have begun to make a collection of interesting printed images in your process book, you should start an image bank of digital images that inspire you, or that you think you might use in your graphic products.

Create a new folder in your work area. Call it
images. Inside make two sub-folders: name one primary_sources (this will be where you save digital photos you take yourself and original graphics) and name the other secondary_sources (for digital images and graphics that someone else has made).

When you add an image to the secondary_sources sub-folder, you should make a note of the URL where you found it and the date, the dimensions, file size and type, the photographer/designer's name and any copyright information that you can find on the website for future reference. You can use the table in the blank Sources log document to do this. Keep a similar record for printed image sources, noting information about the publication in which you found the graphic, photographer/graphic designer/illustrator, date, name of publication, publisher, dimensions of image.

You will learn more about using and keeping a record of sources for your graphic products and what you need to consider regarding copyright in Sections 3 and 4, but you should record your sources as you go along, as it will be hard to find that information later. Section 3 Store Graphics demonstrates how to make a folder structure to store and organise all the components, evidence and outcomes you will need or produce during this unit. It is a good idea to look at that now and set up your whole folder structure from the very beginning. You can download a full size copy of the exemplar folder tree structure illustrated.

pin Sources Log - blank template

pin Folder Tree - diagram

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