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activity1.17 Bitmap or Vector? 3


Identify which format, bitmap or vector, you would choose to use for the following briefs and explain why it would be best. Use the worksheet to record your answers. Save your research to your evidence folder or your process book.

Brief 1: You've been asked to design a new logo for a local taxi firm. It should work well on their stationery, their website and on the side of their cabs and in black and white, as well as in colour.

Brief 2: You have to prepare all the photos of an education visit to France for the language department's web gallery.

Brief 3: Your school or college needs a map of its location for its prospectus to show prospective students and parents how to get there.

Brief 4: You want to touch up some old family photos that you've scanned to get rid of scratches, dust and other marks.

pinBitmap or vector scenarios - worksheet

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