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activity1.3 Process Book


Process BookStart your own image bank! It will be indispensable when you have to start work on a brief. Designers keep a record of how their ideas develop and their sources of inspiration in a process book.

You can use a scrapbook or sketchbook to paste up printed materials and to jot down ideas and comments, or make small sketches. This will be your process book and you will use it throughout this unit. You will also learn later how to organise a digital image bank for your project.

Start by collecting four print images: one could be from a magazine or newspaper; another could be printed on packaging; a third could be a map, sign, data chart or diagram of some kind; and the fourth could be anything you choose. Paste these into your process book and annotate them to reflect answers to the questions in the last activity.

To practise the knowledge, understanding and skills (KNS) you will need to demonstrate for this unit, use the 'Evaluate graphics' worksheet to help you deconstruct and evaluate one of the images. Save it as evidence.

pin Evaluate Graphics - Worksheet

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