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introduction2.1 Starting Out


All digital imaging projects begin with a written brief from the client. Read your assignment brief again and again to make sure that you understand it fully. Leave nothing out. Refer back to it all through the project and double-check it again at the end. During this preparatory project you can either use the"Downtime" model scenario and tasks for practice, or one that your teacher sets you.

The purpose of most graphic products is to attract people's attention long enough to make them interested in the message even if they are walking quickly down an escalator. The key to successful graphic images is a combination of simplicity, originality and skill.

It is said that if you throw fifty tennis balls at someone, they may not catch any, but if you throw just one they probably will. That's what simplicity means: one tennis ball = one big concept or idea. The activities and fact files that follow in this section will give you a better understanding of how to apply the creative platform principles when responding to different design briefs.


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