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factfile2.10 Location, Location, Location


Location is not just a key consideration for property developers and estate agents. Graphic designers must take the context where the product is to be displayed into account too.

Where will your graphic product be seen? Its location will have a direct effect on its form and format, including whether the design would be more effective landscape, portrait, square or using an irregular format. If your graphic is going to decorate the back of a bus or the side of a taxi, or if it is going to be displayed next to an escalator, in an underpass or tube tunnel where its audience will only glance at it in passing, it must have high impact value to grab their attention. Less is definitely more in this case – more effective. Remember the saying about the tennis balls?

Visitors to websites also have a short attention span and will quickly browse to another page or site, so their attention needs to be engaged at first glance too. The power of a well-designed page to persuade the visitor to linger is called 'stickiness'. Images often have an important role to play in this.

However, if the graphic is destined for a notice board, a GP's waiting room wall, a station platform or a bus stop where viewers might be grateful for something to look at and read to pass the time, more information and text is appropriate. Magazine and newspaper adverts and illustrations could take either approach: they are vying for your attention amid a host of other graphics, but on the other hand, reading magazines is a leisure pastime, which by definition means that the target group has some time to spare.


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