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activity2.11 Case study - American Express® Red campaign


Consider the American Express® Red advert in the two photos below and visit the American Express® Red microsite. If you shop with this credit card the company promised to give 1% of the total spend to The Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

The company identified the key concepts behind this 2007 campaign as "Power, positivity and hope". The main copy line for the campaign was, "This card is designed to eliminate AIDS in Africa".

The familiar American Express© slogan "MY CARD. MY LIFE" featured prominently on the poster, magazine ad' and website (now discontinued).

Red poster

On the Red website, supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, talked about why she wanted to take part in the Red campaign and what the colour red symbolized for her. Masaai warrior, Keseme, from Kenya was also interviewed about his part in the campaign. The concepts behind the card and the campaign raise many interesting ethical issues.

Who was the target audience for the ad'? What was its purpose? What message did it give? How was that message conveyed? And what modifications did the designer need to think about when planning the poster, the magazine ad and the website image? Save your research to your evidence folder or your process book.

Red Magazine

pin American Express® Red - blank concept map

pin American Express® Red - possible answers

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