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factfile2.2 Your Creative Platform


Advertising agencies routinely ask six key questions to help clarify the objective or purpose of their design briefs. They call this a 'creative platform'. Ask yourself the same questions when you start to tackle your brief:

Who What Why1. What problem does your graphic or graphic product have to solve? What's its purpose?
To sell or offer something, to persuade, inform, educate, entertain, create a commercial identity or brand image, raise awareness, illustrate, attract attention, or impress?

2. Who is its target audience?
Think about gender, age range, interests, lifestyle and cultural or social background. Is the product aimed at groups or individuals?

3. What message does it have to communicate?
Can you explain the basic message in one sentence?

4. How do you want the target audience to respond? (This is the 'call to action'.)
By voting, buying, feeling good, feeling shocked, feeling curious, identifying with it, learning, visiting, supporting, donating?

5. Where will the design be displayed?
On posters or flyers, on a website, on packaging, on book or CD covers, at point of sale, in magazines or newspapers, on advertising hoardings, at bus stops or train stations, in doctors' waiting rooms, as signage in a museum or gallery, on the side of a bus or taxi, on t-shirts or baseball caps, in a presentation or newsletter?

6. What style of visual message is appropriate?
Comic, solemn, simple, detailed, funky, sophisticated, subtle, stylish, low-tech/high-tech, arty,
hard-hitting, discrete, high impact, street style, business-like, retro?

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