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factfile2.6 Message and Purpose


Road signOnce the audience for your graphic product has been clearly identified and researched, you have to be clear about why it is needed and what it should say about the product: in other words, its purpose and its message.

Is the graphic needed to increase sales or to reach a new audience? Is it to launch a new product on the market?


Should it persuade its target audience to vote for a particular party or candidate, inform them about a new service, educate them about the consequences of drink driving or smoking, give them a feel-good factor about the product, rebrand a high street chain that has become unfashionable, or raise awareness of a global issue?

These are just some of the ways in which graphics are used. The message might be that the product is better value, more ethical, more reliable, more efficient, healthier, faster, greener, easier to understand, more contemporary, more caring, more entertaining, more fashionable, or more desirable than the competition.

Signs are a good example of how to communicate simply and immediately so that there can be no room for confusion about the message.

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