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factfile2.8 Logos


Although logos may be small, they often condense several key ideas about a company's brand identity by means of a graphic. Well-established logos are identifiable even when only a small fragment is displayed.


There are four main types of logo:

Logos are also covered in in the Creating Graphics for the Web project. You can read more about logos at:

Logos are important for an organisation's image and, like other graphics, are subject to copyright laws. This was the case when Hackney Council in London discovered that Nike, the giant multinational sportswear company, had used their logo without permission to brand a new range of football kit.

Hackney Council Logo

Having filmed one of their TV commercials on Hackney Marshes, home to Sunday league matches, some years before, Nike believed that the Hackney logo would symbolise and celebrate the best in amateur football for their sportswear. However, Hackney Council threatened to sue and Nike agreed to make a substantial out of court settlement for the benefit of local sports activities.

"Hackney threatens Nike over logo" - BBC News Website

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