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activity3.15 Scan Bank


PinsBegin to build a bank of different types of scan that you will be able to use as elements in your digital designs in future. Start your collection now by scanning and saving 5 different textures that you could use for backgrounds.

Think about the most suitable resolution. Will you be using the scan for print or screen or maybe both? What's the resolution of your printer? Make a new sub-folder in your primary_sources folder called scan_bank.

Save all your scans to this folder with recognisable descriptive names e.g. 1Acrumpled_foil.

Here are some other suggestions for scanning: fabrics or textures, lace, patterned glass, natural objects like leaves, flowers or seeds, bus or concert tickets, confetti, old family photos or documents, scraps of wallpaper, rubbings, crumpled wrappers, packaging or foil, slices of fruit or vegetables (protect the glass with a sheet of
acetate), small toys, beads or badges (cover small objects with a shallow lid painted black inside to cut out light).

Scan a postcard or other printed picture. Save it to your sources folder as moire_effect. Experiment with de-screening the pattern. Save the enhanced file as moire_descreen.

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