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activity3.16 Folder Tree


Setting up a logical folder structure to store all the components you will need for your project, including
your sources, evidence and finished products is absolutely essential if you want to stay organized, keep a
cool head and gain higher grades. There's no value in creating a stunning graphic if you can't find it.
Managing files efficiently helps improve workflow because you can locate exactly what you want when you
need it. You should also agree file-naming protocols with your ICT teacher and keep to them.

You must make regular backup copies of your work too. Talk to your teacher about the best way to do this
because every large organization like a school, college or commercial company has to follow clear
protocols about file saving and backup to protect its network from viruses and other attacks. You may be
allowed to save regular copies of your work to a flash pen or CD/DVD. Failing to make regular backups can
have disastrous consequences.

Folder Tree

Make a simple plan for your folder tree. Sketch it out on paper, use post it notes, or create a digital diagram to work out what you need. Concept mapping software like Inspiration or MindGenius, or websites such as Popplet or MindMeister can support this activity, as it will help you quickly visualise and rearrange folders in the form of a clear diagram. You can also use AutoShapes in Word or the QuickShapes in DrawPlus to do this.

Use your plan or the example illustrated to build a file structure for this unit in your work area. Open a full size copy to see it clearly. Take a screenshot of your final structure and save to your sources folder as evidence.

pin Folder tree - diagram of possible folder structure for the unit

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