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factfile3.18 Output to Web or Screen


Choose the right colour mode
RGBFor web and screen, use RGB colour settings. RGB colour process uses Red, Green and Blue colour variables and is designed for on-screen imaging. It is the native colour format for digital cameras and scanners.

Each of the three primary colours has a value ranging from 0 to 255, giving a total of more than 16 million colours when multiplied together: 256 x 256 x 256 =16,777,216 colours.

RGB is described as an additive process because the monitor produces an image by mixing light via combinations of the three. Additive colours mix over black to create new colours: for example, adding 100% red, green and blue results in white. In other words pure white contains all three colours at their maximum values – so Red is 255, Green is 255 and Blue is 255. Black contains none of the colours, so their values are all set to 0.

Resolution – optimize
File size is measured in bytes or kilobytes. The more bytes that need to be downloaded, the longer your visitor is going to have to wait to view your page. Web visitors usually have a very short attention span: if the page does not download quickly (within 10-15 seconds) they will click the back button and go elsewhere. The aim when producing graphics for use on the web, in a multimedia presentation, or attached to an email is to achieve the best possible quality with the smallest file sizes. Just as visitors to your blog or website will move on fast if download times for graphics are too long, large images can also clog up email inboxes and cause problems when stored on networks because of the amount of space they require if not optimized.

The Export Optimizers in Serif PhotoPlus and Serif DrawPlus make this process quite straightforward because they allow you to preview the effect of reducing resolution on image quality. For publishing on the web your goal is to maximise quality, while minimising file size. Aim to keep your file sizes below 50KB if possible.

Optimizing tips
The three main options are:

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