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How to3.19 Use the Export Optimizer in PhotoPlus


Select Export Optimizer from the Edit menu. On the Options tab choose a format from the drop down menu – JPEG and GIF are the most commonly used types for bitmap images. You can also reduce picture dimensions at this stage on the Size tab. The left margin of the dialog box offers Single, Double or Quad display viewing options. Click on the viewing options to compare picture quality at different settings, and with different file formats and sizes. Click on a preference to select it, and then on Export to save your work. Each file format has different settings: the screenshot shows JPEG format and has a small optimized file size of less than 25KB, compressed from over 80KB with a 90% Quality setting. When JPEG is selected you can adjust image quality as a % with a slider.

Export optimiser

For publication to the web it is essential to preview your work in different browsers. Serif PhotoPlus allows you to do this easily with the Preview in Browser command on their File menu.

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