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activity3.7 Discussion Points


Discussion point - which type of digital camera?

Four people are looking to buy or use a digital camera for a specific purpose. Which type of camera would you recommend in each case – a digital compact or a DSLR?

Case 1: Carla is at college. She's going on holiday soon with a group of friends. She wants to be able to take her camera everywhere and shoot some video clips of the trip as well as still photos.

Case 2: Jo is a teacher and is looking for an adaptable, easy to use camera for school. She wants to carry it about in her handbag and take photos in class as well as on visits.

Case 3: Duncan loves sports photography, especially football, and would like to have a continuous shooting option to take many frames in quick succession.

Case 4: Ashley goes to a lot of music gigs in clubs in his free time and would like to photograph the bands for an online fanzine and blog that he wants to launch.

Discussion point - pros and cons

In small groups read through the information about digital compact cameras and digital SLRs in the two previous fact files again and make a list of the advantages of each type and of any disadvantages you can find.

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