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5. Creating Bitmap Images


Bitmap editing programs like Serif PhotoPlus enable graphic designers to manipulate, adjust and combine photos in limitless ways to achieve the effects they desire. This section will show you how to use PhotoPlus to achieve some of these effects.


  1. blingBrilliant Bitmaps
  2. Recap Bitmaps
  3. Selection tools
  4. How to use selection tools in PhotoPlus
  5. Stand out from the crowd
  6. How to use selection tools, layers and masks.
  7. Faking it
  8. How to add and manipulate text in PhotoPlus
  9. Caption
  10. How to use drawing tools in PhotoPlus
  11. How I did it - Storyboard
  12. Design a CD Cover
  13. How to use rulers and guides to lay out artwork
  14. Model Assignment
  15. Skills
  16. Resources
  17. Curriculum Mapping




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