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introduction5.1 Brilliant Bitmaps


SupermanYou see bitmaps all around – wherever a graphic is largely derived from photographic images the chances are it was created in bitmap editing software. Bitmap editing programs like Serif PhotoPlus enable graphic designers to manipulate, adjust and combine photos in limitless ways to achieve the effects they desire.

All three posters illustrated are edited bitmaps. Frank Sinatra and Thierry Henry have been extracted from their original contexts and placed against plain white backgrounds in order to give the images emphasis. Text has also been added to complete the message of the posters.

The old Superman film poster, on the other hand, is a composite graphic where a photo of the flying superhero, probably taken in a studio, has been combined with a manipulated image of the Planet Earth. Adjustments have been made to relative dimensions, perspective and colours to complete the illusion and add to the comic book effect.

Bitmap tools also enable photographers and designers to make improvements to image quality that in the past could only be achieved with expensive specialist camera or darkroom technology that most people had no access to. The digital revolution has changed and democratised all that, making these techniques accessible to many.


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