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Extension5.12 Design a CD Cover


You and some friends are in a band called 'the posse'. You plan to send a CD of some of your best tracks to some music companies, but it needs a professional-looking cover design that will grab their attention, or it might just end up in the bin. You've been given the brief to design the cover.

PosseCompositing is the technical term for creating graphics by digitally combining or collaging images and parts
of images from different sources.

Layers are key to managing graphics with multiple elements like this.

You'll need at least two primary sources (i.e. two of your own pictures) to combine - one shot or more of the band members and a suitable background, such as an image of graffiti.

Practise the skills you learned from the Faking it! tutorial to create the CD cover in PhotoPlus.

Add text for the band name and the album title.

When you open PhotoPlus, choose New Image and make the dimensions 12cm x 12cm.

Choose CMYK for the Colour Mode and 300 pixels per inch for the Resolution.

Save your design to your sources folder in its native format as an .SPP file, so that you can edit it in future.

Export the finished design to your graphic_products folder in a universal graphics format like JPEG or PDF. Name the file CDcover.

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