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activity5.5 Stand out from the crowd


St PaulsOpen a photo of a crowd or group of people. Use one of the Lasso Selection Tools in PhotoPlus to select one person in the crowd by drawing around the outline as carefully as you can.

Save your selection so that you can use it again. Save your source image in its SPP (PhotoPlus Pictures) editable file format, as you will need to open and close it several times for this activity.

Invert the selection and apply three different changes to the background e.g. Black and White Film, Gaussian Blur, or Artistic Effects as in the tutorial. Save each version with an identifiable file name. Export your manipulations as JPEGs.

pin How to use selection tools in PhotoPlus - tutorial

video The Polygon Selection Tool in Photoplus Demo : Training

video The Extract command in Photoplus Demo : Training

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