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introduction6.1 Vital vectors


In an age when everyone who uses a digital camera or smartphone is familiar with bitmaps, vector graphics are more specialised and tend to be the area of expertise of designers and design students in fields as diverse as graphics, web, product and interior design, architecture and computer games. Vector graphics and geometric modelling use the simplest geometric shapes - or 'primitives' - like points, curves, lines and polygons to create images in computer graphics.

These are all based on mathematical equations, unlike bitmap or raster graphics. Serif DrawPlus is a vector-drawing program that will help novices create professional looking results without necessarily being brilliant artists. Vector graphics are most commonly used to design logos, badges, flags, web buttons, plans, charts, signs and diagrams where simple, strong shapes and colours are critical to communicating instantly a brand identity or message. The examples illustrate how vector graphics do this in a variety of contexts.



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