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activity6.4 Editing Quickshapes


vector toolsOpen Serif DrawPlus and use the QuickShapes menu to reconstruct the shapes illustrated on the worksheet by selecting a basic shape and then using the Node tool to bring up a Context toolbar and sliders.

Use these to produce variations on the original shape. Place the variation next to the original.

Use the Combine, Intersect, Add, Subtract buttons on the Arrange tab to construct new shapes. Add comments to explain how you made the shapes with the Artistic Text Tool. You could copy and paste your shapes and edit their lines and fills to create further variations.

Publish and save your experimental vector drawings in PDF format to your process folder.


pin Can you reproduce the shape? – QuickShapes starter

pin Can you make the shape? – practice in combining readymade shapes

video Draw and Modify Vector Shapes : Demo : Training

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