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activity6.7 Freehand vector doodles


The three main freehand drawing tools in DrawPlus are the Pencil Tool, the Paintbrush Tool and the Pen Tool. The Context Toolbar changes to reflect which tool is selected and offers a menu of options that you can experiment with.

vector tools

The Pencil Tool is designed to sketch curved lines and shapes in a freeform way. The Pen Tool is used to create a series of connected line segments (which may be curved or straight) using a series of "connect the dots" mouse clicks. catChoose the Paintbrush Tool to paint with either one of a selection of preset brushes or with your own customized paintbrush.

Use the Brushes context toolbar to customize your marks. The Smoothness command will smooth out your lines.

Three very practical tools for editing vector drawings are the Freeform Paint Tool, which allows you to paint freeform strokes at variable nib widths with line/fill properties just like shapes; the Erase Tool, which enables you to delete part of an object; and the Knife Tool, for splitting an object into fragments.

Open a new drawing page and try out these three tools. Select some of the lines you have drawn and edit their properties such as thickness and colour. You could add some comments with the Artistic Text Tool to explain the learning process to your assessor.

Save your vector doodles page to your process folder in PDF format: choose Publish as PDF from the File menu.


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