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introduction7.1 Client presentations


CablesThe final stage of all design projects and commissions is when the concepts and designs are presented to the client, the funding body, the
project manager, or, in the case of an examination assignment, to your teacher or an assessor. Your completed graphics products will then be evaluated against the original brief.

To do justice to your work, the presentation should be simple and direct, but demonstrate a strong graphic style in its own right: you don't wrap a gift from Harrods in a bag from a pound store!

The presentation must contain all the graphic products specified in the brief. Commentaries and annotated screenshots provide supporting evidence of your design process and technical skills. All this must be easy to locate and identify.

A portfolio or presentation has to stand alone – it shouldn't need you to be present to explain the contents: the work should speak for itself. It should identify your strengths and accomplishments.

To achieve the highest-level grades, you will also need to justify your choice of presentation medium.

The three main alternatives to present your work are:

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