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factfile7.4 Slide presentations


Alternatively, you could create a client presentation using any type of slide presentation software such as PowerPoint. A non-linear presentation where the main slide links to all the others, which in turn link back, is preferable to a linear one because viewers can browse through at will rather than being directed in sequence. In fact, designing a non-linear slide presentation is very similar to designing a website.


Planning is equally important in both cases and making a hierarchical diagram or concept map like the one you created for your folder tree will help you get the organization and links right. Remember that you must optimise the graphics you use on the slides themselves for screen presentation. Displaying your web-based graphics on slides is appropriate, but unsuitable for graphics that are designed for print output.

One solution would be to export all the graphic products for print as PDFs and save them and the presentation itself into the same folder with your commentaries on the design process and the tools you used. You can create hyperlinks to these from within the presentation, which should still work when the digital portfolio folder is saved to other locations and storage devices.

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