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Although folders and slide presentations are acceptable formats for displaying your graphic products, building a customised website to function as a digital portfolio for your work offers a more flexible and professional solution. Serif WebPlus will facilitate this task even for novices to web authoring.

As is the case when constructing any website, the intended audience for your digital portfolio is a key design consideration. Your e-portfolio must be easy for your teacher and assessor to navigate and use in your absence. It should demonstrate your competences in digital imaging as well as your presentation skills. You should also be able to explain and justify why you chose this format in preference to alternatives.

In order to maximise your grade you should also demonstrate that you are able to apply the principles of preparing images for output to screen and web by presenting the graphics on your web pages in a suitable format. You must also take account of file sizes, optimise web graphics, choose a resolution of about 72 to 96 dpi for screen, select RGB colour mode and save these graphics in an appropriate file type: for example GIF for transparent backgrounds, flat colours, vector drawn graphics. However, the graphic products that the assignment specifies are for printing must be treated differently. These should be saved in a universal file format such as PDF and could be accessed from the portfolio with hyperlinks.

Digital portfolio

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