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AssignmentModel Assignment : Task 1


Describe and evaluate a range of images

Now you are ready to tackle the practice assignment. You have been asked to design and create a series of digital graphics by the editor of a new monthly youth fanzine called “Downtime”. The fanzine will be distributed free with your local newspaper. It will also have its own fanzine website and blog.

Read the scenario brief carefully. You can make a note of any first thoughts you have, but at this stage you are not being asked to produce any computer graphics. You will be asked to produce something in response to the same scenario brief at the end of each section.

Your first step is to research existing sources for similar graphic products. This will give you some ideas and inspiration for your assignment tasks. You collect digitally and in print examples of logos, posters, websites and flyers.

Select at least four of the images you collect from two or more different sources and write a personal evaluation of them by answering the following questions:

Use your process book and digital images folders to save the graphics. For higher grades you may be told to only need to collect and display a minimum of four graphics from at least TWO sources.

Record the sources of all the images you collect now because you may not be able to find them later. Use the sources log document to do this.

pinPractice assignment – practice scenario plus all the mini brief tasks

pinSources Log

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